15 things men like in women more than good looks

Women fuss over their appearance and think that this is how to get a guy’s attention. But while men do a double take on gorgeous looking gal, their attraction isn’t all about a woman’s physical beauty. Here are 15 things men like in women more than good looks:


  1. A listening ear


Ladies, here’s how to keep a man interested in you: show you care about him by listening to the things he say. Men appreciate someone who hears them out rather than someone who lectures and gives unwanted advice when they get that a lot from their moms or sisters.


  1. Cooking skills


The old saying “the way to man’s heart is through his stomach” is completely true. Men think women with cooking skills are carers and nurturers. For them, preparing food for someone is an act of love.


  1. A foodie


Consequently, men appreciate a woman who loves to indulge in good food and doesn’t worry about the calories or her widening hips. Sharing a hearty meal is easily one of the best ways how to get a guy to love you.


  1. A kind heart


Kindness or showing empathy for others is always attractive. It shows that you’re the type who can be supportive and men want women who will support them.


  1. A sense of humor


Using humor is how to keep a man hooked, especially if being silly is in most guy’s psyche. Men love it if a woman laughs at his jokes, no matter how corny they are. Men also appreciate a woman who can laugh at herself or uplift him with amusing anecdotes.


  1. A smiling face


You might not be the most beautiful girl in the room but if you have a lovely smile and smile often, then that’s how to get a guy’s attention back. A smile conveys you’re someone who is approachable and a woman who has no barriers around her is definitely attractive to a man.


  1. Being spontaneous


Women like making plans and lists to keep their lives structured, but men are more attracted to spontaneity. A woman who can go with the flow tells a man she’s not uptight and always on the edge. Men can relax easily around a woman who can get on board mindless activities once in a while.


  1. A good driver


It’s common for men to complain about women who drive, but if you get a compliment for your driving skills then you have likely aroused his interest in you. It’s also a plus if you actually know about cars. This will set you apart from other women.


  1. Independent, accomplished and fulfilled


It’s a misconception that independent, accomplished and fulfilled women threaten men. Men are actually more attracted to women who exude confidence in what they do. It gives them pride when their girl does not whine about life and instead succeed in doing a lot of things she can be happy about.


  1. Emotional and sentimental


Though men don’t like whiny girls, they adore a woman who can be emotional and sentimental during moments that matter. It shows her heart and how she values the more important things in life, such as a loved one’s surprise, a best friend’s milestone or her boyfriend’s achievements.


  1. Strong


Although it doesn’t hurt to let a man save a damsel in distress, most guys find strength to be a valuable virtue in a woman. This shows a man you’re a rock under that delicate exterior. It tells him he can count on you during the tough times


  1. Being real


There are women who put an act in front of men, but the guys can actually tell when someone is faking it. Men love women who are real and true about who they are.


  1. Good at compromising


When men pull away, it’s likely because women always insist they are right. A guy can relate easier to a lady who is willing to compromise and accept that there’s always another side, another way and another solution.


  1. Takes care of herself


Despite men complaining that women take a long time to prepare for a date, they do love it when the ladies make an effort to take good care of themselves. Good personal hygiene and grooming habits can always turn a man on. According to a study, self-care shows men a woman is physically and emotionally healthy, and a potentially good reproductive mate.


  1. A soft high-pitched voice


A husky bedroom voice? Men don’t really like this. A research from the University College in London found out that men are more drawn to women with soft, breathy high-pitched voices because they associate this with femininity.

Beauty and good looks are bonuses in getting a guy’s attention. However, when a man is looking for the real deal with a woman he can have a happy and lasting relationship with, he definitely goes beyond the physical qualities.

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