20 Dating Tips to Improve Your Love Life

If you’re planning on having a date, here are some dating tips to get you a person to share the day with.

Dating Tip #20: Know the person you’re dating

First things first, who is your date? There are many reasons as to why you should know who you’re dating. For one, with planning, you can avoid triggering their allergies. In terms of conversation, you’ll know what to talk about in an instant or research about it for a bit of clue. For safety purposes, even if it’s a blind date or a dating site one, someone you know, someone some other person knows. This can save you a lot of hassle and decrease the awkwardness of a first date and at times even save your life.

Dating Tip #19: Be Prepared/ Plan

This is something a lot of girls get a strike for. Look, no one wants a sloppy date and if you’ve been on one, better them than you. Always be prepared, from the clothes you are going to wear to the tiniest detail about you. Own the day/night by being at your best. Condition yourself for this date. Chant mantras “You can do it”. Get a good night of sleep and eat, drink your meds.
Take good care of yourself by preparing yourself for this date. Don’t go for the perfect impression or perfection at any point. The goal of dating is to know the person. If it’s “The One” and the last thing you’ll need is the bars of perfection holding you back.
Pitch in your ideas with the person you’re dating, unless you’re a fan of randomness. Still, don’t ever forget to be prepared and always have a plan B.

Dating Tip #18: Tell Someone Where You’re Going, What You’re Doing

Bad things can happen at any time. On first dates or succeeding ones, it is of utmost importance to inform a trusted family member/friend, from your location to the person you’re dating. Introduce your date to them before going anywhere with that person. Tell them where they can find you or allow them to track you via your phone. In some instances where you don’t feel safe, at least they’d know where to go and get you.
With the sudden change of plans, send a quick message informing them about what time you’re going to arrive or what you’re going to do next. This is to avoid confusion should something happen.

Dating Tip #17: Casual for First Dates

Formal dates are great if you already know each other to not feel awkward. However, when it comes to the early stages of dating, try to avoid the stiff environment. If you’re both fans of the opera or places wherein they have an orchestra, it can work. If not, don’t break your bank accounts and ruin both your times by going to a fancy restaurant. Chillax, you can still dress up even when you’re heading for food trucks. Fun shouldn’t depend on money. You will know a person better when you start with the simple things.
A casual date allows better conversation flow, creating chances of the both of you opening up as opposed to a formal one. It’s romantic to go for formal dates when you both know you want to be there, not when you’re still on the “getting to know you” stage.

Dating Tip #16: Constant Vigilance!!!

Professor Moody’s favorite words aren’t the most romantic phrase ever but it is a must do. You can have fun without compromising your safety. Always look for emergency exits, your surroundings and the people around you. The car you’re using, does it have enough gas? Do you have your keys? Is your phone charged up? Pepper spray? Is your date acting weirdly in a bad way?
If you’ve known your date for a long time, it still doesn’t hurt to be alert when it comes to them, their needs and changes in their behavior. The phrase “Better safe than sorry” is overused, it doesn’t lessen the meaning at all as it is still the case to this day.

Dating Tip #15: Less Social Media, More Interactions

Yes, it’s the digital age and social media sites are addictive. But if you’re on a date, then stay on that date. No one likes to be ignored because the person in front of them is taking selfies or photos of the food. It’s cute to be included in a photo and flattering to have a number of likes. You can admire everything and take a picture of it without posting it on social media instantly. It takes time. Also, the question about WiFi when you’ve just arrived? Why even bother to go out and date when it’s the WiFi you’re looking for. Also, watching viral videos while on a date, and your date isn’t even watching but staring helplessly. It’s utterly disrespectful to make someone feel inferior by blatantly ignoring them while clutching your phone.
It’s a date, you’re dating. Respect the person by giving them your attention, listen to them talk about something they like and do the same. Reciprocate positive vibes by interacting with them.

Dating Tip #14: Gradual Change: Casual Talks to Deeper Topics

This is more of a long-running tip for people whose intention for dating stems from serious intentions. Don’t head for heavy topics on the first date. Take time in knowing each other’s likes and dislikes. Their favorite color, band, food, keep things light while you can. To know everything at first rarely work well with strangers.
Avoid the doom and gloom by keeping things casual at first. When you finally know this person well, after a few dates, then go for deeper conversations.
Why is there a need to touch deeper topics when dating? This is to test the person to see if they can handle you or not. Things won’t always be unicorns and rainbows for things to stay simple. As time goes on, things will be tricky so knowing them better is a must if you want things to work out.

Dating Tip #13: The Right Amount of You

You’re not in control of a person but you are in control of you. This isn’t to say fake things or be pretentious. Like everything good, keep things in moderation. From the amount of information you tell to the confidence you exude. It’s nice to keep things privy for a while. You’re dating a person, not a Wikipedia page to keep things about you and only you. It doesn’t hurt to have that tinge of mystery about you.
This also eliminates the problem of having to deal with gossips if you date a vengeful person. They won’t have anything deep to use against you because you withheld information.
Other than that, it can be overwhelming to have such information overload so don’t give your all.

Dating Tip #12: No Former Flame Situation

The Ex topic can either fall under deeper conversations or just you sharing too much of you. Exes should stay in the past, or the garbage, whichever parting way it went for you. Don’t bring their names up when a specific food that you’ve ordered arrives on the table or a certain song. Dates aren’t the best time to reminisce on the past, especially when with someone else. Don’t let the past hinder you that way.
However, if your ex is present and near, tell your date that you’re uncomfortable, stating the reason why. Give your date the attention you want to receive.

Dating Tip #11: Ignore or Address Distractions

Dates, especially when in a public place, will have a distraction here and there. A stranger wanting to get your number? A parent yelling at their children, even if it’s not a place where they should be doing it, fighting couples. There are many forms of distractions. Instead of sulking, you can choose to either ignore or address the distraction.
When it’s something that can’t be helped, such as a child crying, ignore. If it’s someone disrupting your date, address that by putting them in their place. Be rational.

Dating Tip #10: Communication is the Key

That’s the vital part to work on when it comes to a date. Don’t play the waiting game of who will talk first. If you’re seeing them struggle with talking to you, ease things up by talking to them first. It won’t lessen your worth if you talk first. Talk about the topics you know they’ll like or a bit about yourself. Ask them about their day, any safe topic to start things up.
There are topics that can be discussed some other time or really not at all. Don’t ask about the amount of cash they have in their accounts or their salary. Don’t ask them about things you wouldn’t want to be asked to at all.
It’s fine to fall onto silence from time to time but an awkward one? Communicate

Dating Tip #9: Observe

It pays to be analytical. Pay attention to their words and gestures, even with a great first impression. You can complement them when you observe the cute things they do, find out things without them saying a word about it. If you’re planning to date this person a second time around, it will help you plan your date much detailed than the first.
Being observant also allows you to get warning signs that can cause friction or trouble in the future. The way they treat you when they think you’re not looking, their words about women. The way they look at you or pay attention to someone else despite you being there. How they treat others, etcetera.
The many factors that can’t be ignored or tolerated can be answered when you observe.

Dating Tip #8: Compromise

It’s not all about you and neither is everything about them. For things to work or end cordially, there must be a compromise. Meet in the middle, or at least try to. If it’s only a small thing, there’s no need to blow things out of proportions. Abide by the 5-second rule; if they can’t change it in 5 seconds, don’t go pointing it out. However, if it’s something major to the point of making you uncomfortable, address it on the spot. Really, save yourself the time of having to deal with it again by addressing it while you’re with them and not behind them.

Dating Tip #7: Halt the Sex

On first dates or early stages of dating, physical attraction happens. Still, don’t head for the bed so soon. Minimize the physical interactions by keeping it simple. Get to know each other first and concentrate on that more. Are you sure you can trust your date to not do anything beyond sleeping with you? Are they safe?
There’s a struggle in keeping the balance between the physical and emotional aspects of a relationship. You can ease into the physical aspect when both of you are ready, that can wait. Treat dating seriously, not like a one-night stand scenario.

Dating Tip #6: No Drama

This isn’t a television series or a film entry to go all out with emotions. Dating is hard, that is a fact. Still, it is best to control your emotions. Think things through. This isn’t to say you need to be numb at all. Contrary to that, it allows you to have control when you’re not under the influence of your emotions. Granted, there are times when we couldn’t hold it in. The good thing about dating is you can back off any time.
You don’t have to put up with it for long. Just to avoid future grudges, try to do things without drama.

Dating Tip #5: Take Time

When attracted to someone, it does take a bit of self-control to not rush things. It’s still dating and that’s the first base that should be covered. Allow time to let the both of you grow, both as individuals and as a couple. Rushing things can ruin a potential bloom. It will also deprive you of some chances outside of a relationship and close opportunities.
Yes, that person may be “The One” but how do you know at such an early stage? There are challenges to a relationship that you’d both face. You can minus one by taking your time. Not rushing, or dragging.

Dating Tip #4: Love

Are you falling in love with the person you’re dating? Are you sure it’s love?
No matter how perfect the person you’re dating is if you’re not into it, don’t continue at all. Save both of yourselves the headache of dealing with pain by stopping. Stop while things are mutually good and that you can see yourselves part as acquaintances or even become friends.
Maybe you’d fall in love with them later on when you’ve both matured and done the things you’ve always wanted to do. Who knows?
Avoid the heartache by ending things early, not wait until it’s too late.
If it’s love
Then don’t let go. Don’t be shy, ask if your date is ready to take it to the next level. Don’t let your fears take the best of you and deprive you of a life with someone beside you.

Dating Tip #3: History

Take a look at your dating history and acknowledge your shortcomings. There are departments you can work on or improve just so that when you start dating again, you can avoid doing the same things that stopped you before. Take it as a learning experience to avoid making the same mistakes all over again.
Other than that, when it comes to dating history, don’t bring it up in conversations where it shouldn’t be. Even when it’s for the purpose of teasing a person who’s going to date the one you dated. Unless you’re bringing it up for the sake of warning a person, don’t bring up or reminisce about the past dates you’ve had. It’s selfish to let someone go and not do it completely. Let them date who they want to date without making things about you.
Also, don’t bring up the past every time there’s conflict. It’s both repetitive and immature to do that even when it has nothing to do with the present matter.

Dating Tip #2: Setting Boundaries

This is where a lot of people make mistakes when changing transitions from dating to a committed relationship. Without a legal binding or any form of reassurances, it is still best to not give your everything. There has to be a set limit that you both know about, instead of a silent one that can be claimed “obvious”. Setting boundaries together is the best way to avoid reaching each others’ limit and fighting.
These limitations will build up trust and strengthen bonds. With these boundaries comes the responsibility to tell the truth with discretion and the act of reciprocation. This isn’t a confession table or a therapy session wherein one has to burden the task of listening and reacting while the other tells and contemplates.
There must be a line where you can still meet in the middle without overstepping each other’s rights or feelings. While it’s still early, set one instead of making each other suffer in silence with one not knowing the reason and the other penting up emotions. Don’t wait for disagreement to occur. Set things straight.

Dating Tip #1: Love Yourself

Dating has its ups and downs. That shouldn’t bring you down. In such cases when all things must come to an end, it’s fine to take a step backward and leave the dating scene. If that’s the case and things are going well, still take a break.
When you find the one, don’t let them go. Even when you’ve found the one for you, don’t let yourself go. Take care of yourself. There’s no guarantee they’d always be there to do so or always be willing to do so. Embrace and hold onto your independence. Spend time with other loved ones, learn some new things. Don’t remain the same, always choose to change for the better.
Don’t let the bad things that happen dictate your self-worth. Love yourself and love others truly, the person dating you will fall in love with you all over again.

There are many tips for dating. Take what you can and opt out what isn’t applicable for your case. Love is a personal experience and a different story for every person. Don’t let your fears get the best of you. There’s someone out there waiting for you, somewhere in this world we live in.
Dating is only the beginning. That doesn’t mean it should be taken any less.

Always get support from loved ones whenever you feel like you’re about to break down from the pressure or the pain. The people who know you can give you insights that cater to your situation. Date when you’re ready to date. No matter how many tips you follow, if you’re not ready, things will only go awry unless your date is equally uncaring. Things won’t always go your way but that doesn’t mean you should give up on love or yourself.
Asking for guidance won’t hurt, just ask and people will help you. Enjoy life just the same, even if it means being alone. If things start to get lonely, dating isn’t the solution.
These are only tips in your first stages of finding and choosing the one you want to spend your whole life with. Some of it is on the little things, a summary of things and needed words spoken in volume for good measure. Dating can be daunting with all the tasks to be done and aspects to be regarded, it will be exhausting. Make it count by making the right choices and lessening the chances of you getting hurt. Come out in victory with a partner or on your own. It’s always your choice.
With all of these tips to help, I wish you good luck in finding “The One”. If not the one, then someone to be your plus one on every occasion you have to attend.


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