7 Subtle Ways to Get a Guy to Notice You

7 Subtle Ways to Get a Guy to Notice You

You’ve been pondering on how to catch that guy’s attention, every time you see him your knees grow weak. This is even more unnerving if he seems not to be interested or maybe he barely notices you.

You’re now mulling over how to grab this charming guy’s eye. Well, I’m here to make it easy for you. The seven tips below will work wonders in your favor.


First get to understand how a guy’s mind works and you’ll have an easy time getting his attention. The idea of love, at first sight, is more pre-eminent amongst guys. Guys are visual and any appealing sight will definitely get them obsessed in a splits seconds.


What we’re doing here is playing with his senses. This will have him craving for your attention. You want to turn the whole matter to your own favor.


Avoid making it too obvious that you like him. Otherwise, he’ll treat you like any other girl with a big crush. Get his attention then he’ll be interested in you, you don’t even have to say anything. Just use the seven tips below and it will work wonders.

1.   Avoid the Insidious Temptation to Chase Him

We all want to chase that which we want, right? It’s very tempting. However, you have to restrain yourself from making your intentions apparent. One of the major turn-offs that create the impression of desperation is enthusiastic actions towards him. Men generally want a challenge.

If a guy wants you bad enough, he’ll do all he can to get your phone number. So don’t try too hard to get him to notice you.

2. Exchange eye contact

Make a point of exchanging eye contact every now and then. You want to do this very tactfully. Glance at him once and lock eyes for a while.

This is very irresistible but don’t look at him too often, he might realize that you like him. This is very important because if he notices that you’re already infatuated with him, he does not have to win you.

The last thing you want is him losing interest in approaching you.

3. Develop Friendship

This is very simple, all you need to do is to say “hi”. It’s hard at first but with time you’ll get to understand that the best way to make friends is to be one. I know you can hardly breathe when he’s around you but the best thing to do is to have the confidence and courage to control your body’s reaction.

Next time you see him, break the ice and start a conversation. You never know where it leads. Fear holds many people back from initiating friendships with people that they’re interested in romantically. Attracting a man emotionally will increase the chances of him commiting to you.


4. Dress to Kill and Thrill

Refinement is key when you’re dressing in a manner that will grab a guy’s attention. You’re the only one who knows what looks good on you. You have to look your best by identifying the right outfits, this should bring out your best features anytime you’re going to be in his presence.

Avoid the insidious temptation to over-expose yourself. Just a little preview of flesh will gain more appropriate attention. Moderation is key, you don’t want to be overly revealing. Attract a man physically and he won’t be able to look away!

5. Bring out your best side

There’s that in you which you like. Let him notice that, reveal your best to him. If you’re proud of your hair, flaunt it. Just do what you have to do to bring out your features. Confidence and physical appearance should precede personality.

6. Find an excuse to talk to him

The next time he crosses your path and you’re alone, get a great excuse to talk to him. You don’t have to ask him out. This will inevitably make an attractive impression.

We all know that guys love helping girls who are in distress. This could be something little like asking him for help carrying something.

7. Hang out with the boys

Whenever you indulge in an activity with the boys, it will create a very competitive and jealous feeling. Most if not all guys want to be the alpha males. When other guys get your attention, he’ll spring into action to get yours too.

If you make him modestly jealous, he’ll find ways to start a conversation with you. It’s hard for a guy to resist a flirty and fun laugh coming from a girl. Most importantly, when you hang out with your friends and he sees you happy and lively, this becomes irresistible. He’ll then start making advances to you and you’ll definitely turn the whole matter to your own advantage.

When you’re pre-occupied, guys will stare at you and get all eyeful. This ensures that they’re not caught staring at you. However, the point is for you to be your greatest and best self and you’ll have him on your case.





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