11 Psychological Ways to Make a Man Miss You

How to Make a Man Miss You – 11 Ways Backed By Psychology

How do you get a Mr. Right to miss you? You’re into this whole thing about absence making the heart grow fonder, but when does a man start to miss you after you’ve been apart?


If you’re sharing a wonderful relationship with someone, then he should be eager to see you again. But if you both have such busy lives and the distance or time apart are inevitable, then here’s a guide touching on psychological tricks that will make him miss you. Mastering these is how to make someone miss you bad.


  1. Be mysterious.


If you’re in the first few weeks of dating this guy, don’t be too eager to open up about yourself. Be interesting and likeable but still maintain an air of mystery. This will make him more drawn to you, as he’d surely like to see your more often and get to know you better.


  1. Slow down and play hard to get.


Playing hard to get is another effective trick to how to make him chase you in a relationship, according to a research in the European Journal of Personality. Many men are attracted to women they have to pursue. It tells them you aren’t needy or easy because you have high standards and it challenges them to be worthy of those standards.


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  1. Assert your independence.


A woman who is sure of what she wants and pursues her interest or passion is someone who is confident and independent. To a man, these qualities are so sexy that he’ll want to become a part of your enriching life. If he’s not part of it then he’ll see the missed opportunities and will make plans to be with you soon.


  1. Always look your best when you’re with him.


Many women make this mistake after seeing a guy for a few months. They get too comfortable so they don’t make an effort to look attractive anymore. But a study from experts at the Arizona State University and the Singapore Management University revealed that men do prefer women who are pleasant to look at because they are visual creatures. Making an effort to look good will make you feel good. More than that, it will make the guy miss you a lot more if you’re not together.


  1. Wear a scent that’s uniquely you.


Scents are memory triggers, according to the journal Brain Sciences and if you wear the same perfume or cologne each time you’re around the guy, he will start associating this scent with you. For instance, if you like wearing a citrusy scent with a hint of orange, he’ll remember you every time he gets a glass of orange juice.


  1. Intentionally leave things at his place.


Leaving stuff you use at his place or car is another tried and tested how to make him miss you psychology tip. Drop an earring by his bedside table, or put your hair tie in his bathroom, or actually leave him a love note inside his bag before you leave. These things will keep you in his mind and gently nudge his psyche that you’ve been a significant presence in his life so that when you’re not together, he’ll miss you.


  1. Take home stuff from his things.


To be clear, this isn’t advocating stealing, but you might want to use some of his stuff when you’re at his place — like his favorite button-down shirt — then offer to wash it when you get home but deliberately forget to return it right away. This is a classic make him want you psychology trick, too. The next time he rummages through his closet for that favorite shirt, you’ll pop in his head because he’ll remember it’s with you.


  1. Send him photos of your dolled up self.


If you’re in a long distance relationship or you have to be away from each other for a few months, he’ll miss you more if you keep sending him pictures of yourself. He’ll see how much happy you are, as you enjoy your wonderful adventures. It will make him want to be with you so bad that he might just join you on your trip or make plans to visit you even for a brief time.


  1. Resist the urge to text back right away.


Did you just have a fight with your man? Don’t fret. Instead, look at this as an opportunity to long for your presence. Here’s how to make someone miss you over text: don’t send him messages to give him space. Does silence make a man miss you? In some ways it does, as it’s part of his biology and psyche. Relationship expert Katarina Phang said via Self Growth that men are chemically prone to need their space before they attempt to reconcile with their girl so, it’s best to give him time. Let him figure out that he actually misses you.


  1. Make him (slightly) jealous.


A man is wired to think that his woman belongs to him alone and if you show a slight interest on someone or something else, he’ll likely feel jealous and try to defend and protect what belongs to him. If you spend more time at yoga class than hang out with him, he’ll likely drop in at the gym to pick you up. Spend more time on yourself and the activities that you enjoy. When you spend more time away, it will give your man time to miss you.


  1. Surprise him with a visit.


If you’ve broken up with your man because of your crazy schedules and time apart, then here’s how to make him miss you after break up: surprise him by seeing him in person. It’s a sure way to elicit an emotional reaction and mixed feelings. But one of these feelings could be that he’ll realize he misses you and can’t leave without you. This trick also applies to long distance relationships.


Final Thoughts


Sometimes, it will help strengthen a relationship if the people involved have the opportunity to miss each other. The time you spend apart is just as vital to the growth of your relationship as the time you spend together. However, be mindful of not turning these tricks into a manipulation. Instead, use these tips as a way to fire up your feelings for each other.


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